Note: This page was updated for the last time on 20-Dec-2007.

Contrail layer forecasts are shown for a South-North cross section of Alaska corresponding to jet routes J115 and J120 from Anchorage via Fairbanks to Barter Island. This section coincides with the frequently used great circle air routes between Europe and Alaska. This infomation is updated around 03:00, 09:00 and 15:00 Alaskan Standard (Daylight) Time. Last update: Thursday, 20-Dec-2007 19:48:00 AKST.

The forecasts are based on the University of Alaska Experimental Alaska Near-Real-Time MM5 Mesoscale Model, which complements operational runs of MM5 conducted at the Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA). For details go to the Mesoscale Modeling and Applications Group.The forecast interval is 0 to 48 hours after model initialization with time steps of 3 hours; the forecast time (UTC) and interval are indicated on the plot. Forecast updates occur 3 times daily (2:30 am, 8:30 am, 2:30 pm AKST). A 45 km grid-size distance is used. Critical temperatures as threshold for contrail formation are calculated using an average contrail factor CF = 0.0365 g/kgK.