Note: This page was updated for the last time on 12-Dec-2007.

Arctic MM5 48 hours forecast loop and altitude graphic of contrail layers overhead Fairbanks (PAFA). This infomation is updated around 03:00, 09:00 and 15:00 Alaskan Standard (Daylight) Time. Last update: Tuesday, 22-Jul-2008 23:19:45 AKDT.

Zero to 48 hours MM5 forecast of contrail layer altitudes (m a.s.l.).

Temperature and dew-point forecasts for Fairbanks. The MM5 forecast interval is 0 to 48 hours after model initialization. The red line denotes critical temperatures (Tcrit). Contrails are likely to be formed at levels, where Tcrit > T. Sounding altitude and contrail layers are shown in the ordinate as meters above sea level. The Arctic MM5 source data are provided by the UAF Mesoscale Modeling and Applications Group.